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Welcome to the National Toy Soldier Hall of Fame site!
The National Toy Soldier Hall of Fame was established to recognize those who have served the Toy Soldier Community. 
Eligibility for induction is extended to all members of the Toy Soldier community.  Those individuals who are inducted have, through their efforts, made a significant contribution to the achievement, tradition, advancement or history of Toy Soldiers.
The National Toy Soldier Hall of Fame consists of a gallery of photographs, each accompanied by a short narrative detailing the member's contributions/reasons for induction.

Mr. Ken Osen, inducted 2009
Mr. Ken Osen is a sculptor of Toy Soldiers

Mr. Ken Osen has probably "done more" for the "Toy Soldier Industry" than any other sculptor in modern memory.  He has not only created more "sculpts" than anyone else, but perhaps more importantly, he has"pushed the envelope" and "elevated the level of play" in terms of historical accuracy, animation and innovative design.   Ken Osen has quite simply become the "benchmark" for our industry.  He was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1956.  His mother and father supported and encouraged his interests by planning family vacations around visits to battlefield sites and reconstructed forts.

Mr. Ray Haradin, Inducted 2010
Mr. Haradin is the Publisher and Editor of Old Toy Soldier

   Mr Haradin's passion for early toys started when he was a kid.  By the late 1970's he was an established dealer throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area.  In 2000 he purchased the trade journal Old Toy Soldier "The Journal for Collectors".  Old Toy Soldier is the heart and soul of the toy soldier collecting world and has been in continuous publication since 1976.  The journal covers virtually all aspects of the old toy soldier hobby.  In 2005 he entered the auction world.  Old Toy Soldiers Auctions USA was started in 2008.  In it's first year Old Toy Soldiers hosted two successful sales, selling over 1000 lots of toy soldiers.  What lies ahead for Ray Haradin?   Be assured it is the pursuit of great "stuff".

Mr. Norman Joplin, Inducted 2010
Mr Norman Joplin is an Antique and Vintage Toy Soldier and Figure Researcher, Auther, Appraiser & V

Mr Joplin is a British Citizen who has been granted permanent residence status in the United States based on his exceptional ability in a specialist field of knowledge in connection with the Social History of toy figures as viewed through the eyes of children's toys during the period 1893 to 1966.  Since 2007 in Joint partnership with Ray Hardin of Toys of Yesteryear he has been envolved with Old Toy Soldiers Auctions USA as a Cataloguer, Appraiser, Photographer, and Administrator.  The only US based specialist Auction Company devoted to Old Toy Soldiers and Figures.

Mr. Tony Ciccarello, Inducted 2011
Mr.Ciccarello and his wife Marilyn own Armies In Plastic
At the age of 9, Tony Ciccarello was given his first set of Toy Soldiers by his parents.  Since that time, Tony has had an interest in Toy Soldiers and in the history on which they are based.  In 1985 Tony and his wife Marilyn started their metal toy soldier business.  Like many other successful businessmen, he realized there was a future in plastic.  In 1997 he started his own line of toy soldiers with Armies In Plastic, which focuses on 54MM (1.32 scale) figures.  Since that time Armies In Plastic has become one of the most diverse lines of 54MM plastic soldiers in the world, covering military campaigns from all eras, including the French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, the British campaigns of the 1800's, World War One and most recently modern warriors.  Tony is still at work creating new lines of 54MM plastic toy soldiers which will ensure a fun future for the customers of Armies In Plastic.

Mr. Richard O'Brien, Inducted 2012
Mr. O'Brien wrote many books about Toy Soldiers

Mr. Richard O'Brien authored many books for the Toy Soldier Collector.  His book Collecting Toy Soldiers, published in 1988, introduced many collectors to the hobby.   Mr. O'Brien spent many hours interviewing employees and relatives of the major toy soldier companies.  He was on a continuous search for factual information from catalogs and other toy soldier sources.  He more than any other person, researched the manufacture of toy soldiers and then provided this data via his many books.  Without the sharing of this extensive research, the hobby would never have risen to the extent that it has.

Mr. Pielin was inducted in 2014
Mr. Pielin runs the Chicago Toy Soldier Show.

Mr. Pielin was born in Chicago during WWII and grew up playing with post war toy figures.  When he got his first teaching job after grad school, he found a toy soldier in an antique store and was hooked again.  He started his collection and focused on American made toy soldiers like he used to buy as a kid.  In 1981 he, along with some friends, began the world's first toy soldier show.  After 33 years the show has grown from 50 tables to over 350, from one day to a week long meeting of collectors, venders and friends and attracts visitors from six continents.  On Sept 28,2014 Don will be doing what he loves, running the Chicago Toy Soldier Show.

Mr. Wm. Hocker, inducted 2009
Mr. Wm Hocker started his business in 1983

Mr. Wm Hocker (Bill to those who know him), proprietor of Wm. Hocker Toy Soldiers, and his present crew, from left to right (including years with the company), are Muang Saeliow (16), Kae Chiam Saechao (18), Bill Hocker (25), Sou Saelee (12) and Liew Orn Saechao (22) have developed a very passionate and loyal clientele.  The commitment, talent, forbearance and sacrifice of this crew are truly the life blood that has kept this enterprise alive.   Bill started his business officially at the OTSN show in 1983.  His goal is to balance marketable products with those he simply wants to do.  Today Bill says his work is completely satisfying and he plans to stay with it as long as he can. 

Mr, Barry Carter, Inducted 2013
Mr. Barry Carter sponsors the Indiana Toy Soldier Show

Barry Carter started collecting Toy Soldiers when he was 6 years old.  Barry and his wife Barbara sponsor the Indian Toy Soldier Show.  This year they celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Indiana Toy Soldier Show.  The show draws dealers/collectors from Canada, Florida, Texas, Colorado and most of the states in between.  It features' a huge show ballroom with room for over 250 tables.  It also features 75 trading rooms all on the ground floor for those that enjoy preshow trading.  As collectors their collection includes paper and wood.  They have posters, pictures and uniforms.  But to them both, the highlight of collecting is the collectors they meet.  Barry's final words are "Happy collecting! Good Luck!"





The Toy Soldier Hall of Fame is a virtual Hall of Fame.

The National Toy Soldier Hall of Fame will for the present time remain a virtual Hall of Fame.  Over time new members will be inducted and the Hall of Fame will grow with each class of inducties.  We know the interest in Toy Soldiers will continue to grow and in time the National Toy Soldier Hall of Fame will have a home.  We see collecting Toy Soldiers as a way to tell the history of our military heritage.  It is an educational thing and as such perhaps it will find a home at a University.




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